Expansion of consciousness

Do you desire a happy child and a peaceful family life?

Give your child the opportunity to harness all of its wonderful abilities, allowing it to find happiness within and contribute to a harmonious family life! Every child is capable to see with their consciousness instead of their physical eyes lately by the end of the 10 training sessions. This spiritual sense is not extraordinary; rather, every individual can reactivate it and live up to their full potential.

For which children is the programm?

Children who

  • have learning difficulties (such as dyslexia)
  • are unbalanced, very restless, or excessively sluggish (ADHD)
  • are unhappy (uncertain about what brings them joy, unable to make decisions)
  • exhibit behavioral issues (lack of empathy, family life is challenging)
  • lack creativity

How is this working?


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Over a period of 10 weeks up to one year:

10 training sessions with the child (each approximately 1 hour) including guidance/coaching for parents (each about 30 minutes) using the method of extraocular vision from VxM® at the location 72186 Empfingen.

For adolescents, I additionally conduct coaching sessions with them after the training session.

In each training session, a other aspect of the child’s/adolescent’s life is explored by using inner images. The kid/ teenager is practicing the spiritual sense of seeing without eyes, is learning meditation and different energetic cleansing methods. The natural result is an expansion of their consciousness. They are able to perceive more things, focusing better and finding inner peace. Seeing without eyes is the focus of this consciousness expansion, but often other spiritual senses (such as claircognizance, clairsentience) get also developed.

With two or more children, consciousness expansion can also take place at a different location with travel expenses covered. Just discuss this with me.

Viendo por el Mundo A.C.

You want to learn more about this wonderful possibility to have a happy child?

If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity for a happy child and a peaceful family life, I warmly invite you to book a free 20-minute information session with me!

If you want things to get better, they need to change. I’d be glad to introduce you to this possibility of achieving your goal!


How can you imagine the method of Seeing without eyes?

Seeing without eyes is much more than the ability to see without physical eyes. It’s a holistic expansion of consciousness that allows your child to rest within themselves and empower themselves.

It’s a heartfelt intention of mine to inspire children to recognize their own abilities and embrace a self-determined life. In these videos, you can practically see how practicing with the child works. The energetic cleansing, meditation, guiding the child into the corresponding consciousness-expanding state, and supporting the parents in this process are not evident in the videos. They offer glimpses rather than a complete representation. Enjoy exploring!


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About me

I am grateful and happy that life led me to several personal dead ends between 2012 and 2015, which prompted me to correct all the wrong decisions I had made in the past. Over the years, I found myself merely functioning, and a lot of different health issues compelled me to make changes in my life. During this time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or even no glue what I loved. I tried hundreds of different techniques to regain control of my life, and I’m thrilled to share the best shortcuts to a happy life that I’ve discovered with you.

In each area that assisted me, I became a certified coach to share my knowledge with others. These areas encompass Life Coaching, releasing trapped emotions, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Channeling, and expanding mental consciousness.

Life Coaching marked my initiation in overcoming my massive health issues. Hence, I resolved to learn from the experts in this field. I completed a life coaching education at the Dr. Bock Academy and ventured into self-employment as a life coach in 2018. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that working solely with the conscious mind wasn’t sufficient. While it is the right tool for defining life goals and crafting action plans, I lacked the tools for reprogramming the subconscious mind. Our subconsciousness is the true driver of our lives, with over 95% of our actions being influenced by it. As a result, I focused on learning more about releasing blockages in the subconscious mind and became a certified Emotion Code practitioner following Dr. Bradley Nelson’s methodology. I assist people in releasing subconscious blockages and shedding emotional baggage, freeing them to think, act and live the way they desire.

Upon regaining my empowerment, I swiftly rekindled my spiritual senses and concentrated on nurturing them. Today, I am a medium and relish aiding others in strengthening their spiritual senses. I am excited to connect with you and your unique gifts, and I’m eager to support you in achieving personal happiness in the manner that resonates with you!

Are you ready for your transformation?

How can you start your journey?

If you want to change something in your life, in your kid’s and the family life book now a free session with me. I gladly take 20 minutes of my time to find out together with you what you want to change and which would be the fastest way to get there!