Energetic Healing Sessions

We discover your current challenge and choose the path that brings you fastest to your goal. Be it energetic healing work, channeling, life coaching or a combination of all!

Energetic Healing Session / Spiritual Coaching available in-person in 72186 Empfingen or online.

We delve into your current challenge and choose the path that will lead you to your destination most swiftly. Whether it’s energetic healing work, a channeling session, life coaching, or a combination of all!

Working with the Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind can absorb, process and store up to 80,000 pieces of information per second, while we are only conscious of about 10% of our knowledge.

In my opinion, it’s only logical to address and resolve blockages and behavioral patterns that steer us away from our goals by utilizing the power of the subconscious mind.

Frequently, trapped emotions are the root cause of various types of blockages. As a certified practitioner of Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code method, I can swiftly and permanently release them for you!

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


My offers for you

Emotioncode Session

including VAT per session
  • Your subconscious blockage resolution following the method of Dr. Bradley Nelson

5x Emotion­code Sessions

including VAT
  • Your affordable 5-session package to release your subconscious blockages and emotional baggage.

Holistic Healing Session

including VAT
  • energetical healing session and spiritual coaching

What happens in a healing session?

In a healing session, I first connect with the divine source and channel the quickest possible path to a solution for you. We address karmic entanglements, blockages from past lives, realign your chakras, integrate lost soul fragments, or remove foreign energies. Additionally, life coaching can be part of this healing session if it’s the most suitable and efficient approach for you. A healing session is thus much more comprehensive than resolving subconscious blockages using the Emotion Code method. A healing session is typically between 1 and 1.5 hours.

In which cases can the Emotion Code helps you?

Behind every physical or psychological issue, there may be trapped emotions. Releasing trapped emotions leads to a healthy energy flow in our body, thereby enhancing our body’s self-healing mechanisms and immune system. Trapped emotions or energy blockages can lead to issues such as exhaustion, clinging to unproductive behaviour patterns, stress, emotional discomfort like sadness, restlessness, panic, and fear. Trapped emotions also hinder our ability to give or receive love freely.

What are trapped emotions?

Almost everyone carries some level of emotional baggage due to painful life events, wouldn’t you agree? Emotional baggage is something very real, and even though it’s invisible, it can easily impact satisfaction, success, and health. It’s like carrying a suitcase full of heavy stones from every challenging life phase you’ve overcome; over time, the burden becomes too heavy to ignore. Each stone can be seen as a “trapped emotion,” lodged somewhere in the body.

Trapped emotions are, quite literally, energy balls vibrating at different frequencies depending on the emotion (anger vibrates differently from sadness or insecurity, for example). Trapped emotions are negative, destructive vibrations that tend to affect the body when they become lodged, generating all sorts of discomfort. They can contribute to physical, mental, and emotional issues, making life more challenging.

Spiritual long-term support

You are currently facing a significant challenge or simply desire ongoing spiritual and energetic guidance for other reasons? Feel free to book a free 20-minute info session with me. I’d be glad to provide you with a customized offer tailored to your needs afterward.